Shipping methods available

  1. In-Person pickup: Pick up at the [Showroom]
  2. UPS: Recommended for domestic shipments- UPS1SAVER (next day), UPS2(2nd day), UPS3(3rd day), UPSG(Ground), etc
  3. DHL : Recommended for international shipments
  4. UCL
  5. LA Cargo Company

What is the cut-off time for orders?

  1. UPS next day: 1pm
  2. Pick up at showroom: 4:30pm

Shipping Costs:

Shipping costs are calculated after your order is packed and weighed.
Because variables such as box dimensions, weight, and shipping method, shipping cost is not included in the shopping cart.

What is the policy for tax and custom duties?

Sales tax is not applicable to domestic wholesale orders.
Customs duty is applicable to overseas orders, and it will be the responsibility of the customers.
Customs duty must be cleared prior to international delivery.
The customer can consult their country’s customs office for the rate.

Customer's Responsibility

Please note that as the customer, you are responsible for all shipping cost, including return costs if you decide to refuse the package.

Shipping Fee Estimates

We understand you may want a shipping estimate before shipping.
Requests to receive shipping estimates can be included as a memo in the shipping instruction at the checkout.
However, do keep in mind that this will cause a day delay in processing the shipment.

Order Processing Time

Once your order is confirmed, the general processing time for fulfillment is 1 to 3 days.

Delivery Time

It's important to mention that we cannot guarantee the delivery time since the freight process is handled by a 3rd party.

Refused Package Policy

In the unfortunate event of a refused package, a refuse fee along with a handling fee of $45 will be applied.
We want to be transparent about this to avoid any misunderstandings.